Project Management

We have developed a standard approach and methodology for implementing our solutions. It allows us to drive an efficient and smooth implementation to ensure we deliver our projects on time and within budget while achieving our project objectives.

Installation & Infrastructure Services

Our team can help you scope the correct hardware and infrastructure to meet your user’s requirements. Our services include installation of the full application stack including Agile PLM application, Oracle database, AutoVue server and file managers. If needed, we can also install clustered environments, LDAP integration, web proxy and remote file managers. We also assist our customers with system upgrades and proper maintenance procedures to ensure your system remains healthy.

Solution Architecture & Design

Our goal is to help you implement a superior process that meets your business requirements, maintains a lean process (complexity costs money) and achieve a superior level of process performance leading to a competitive advantage over your peers.

Configuration Services

The key to a successful implementation is knowing the best way to configure your solution to meet the business process needs. Just because a system can be configured to provide a multitude of capabilities, doesn’t mean those capabilities are right for you. Our team first gains an understanding of what you are trying to achieve and then configures your system to meet those needs to achieve the optimal results.

Data & File Migration

As you migrate from your legacy system to a new solution, you will want to bring over your historical and current data. Our team is well versed with a variety of the most common legacy systems and the best, most efficient way to migrate your data and files to your new solution.

Testing & Validation Execution Support

Prior to going live with your new process and system, we conduct robust testing and validation of your new solution. This ensures there are no surprises when you are ready to begin using them. For some clients, we have developed automated test scripts to quickly execute your test cases after upgrading or applying updates to your system. This ensures thorough test coverage with minimal test resources.


We can assist with your training needs from training strategy development and planning to training material development and delivery. Our consultants can improve your team’s knowledge and understanding to achieve superior results.

Contact us to learn how our Implementation services can help you.