Innovation Strategy & Roadmap Development

We assist our customers in developing their innovation strategy and long term vision. Our demonstrated success allows us to highlight the best path forward to achieve excellence by implementing best practices and building out the proper foundational processes at a pace that your organization can manage.

Process Maturity Assessment

Mazamo has developed a detailed Process Capability Maturity Matrix that we use to evaluate your existing processes and demonstrate the potential for future growth and improvement. We use this evaluation to show the potential benefits and value of improving your process maturity.

Process Performance Benchmarking

How do you compare to companies like yours? We can conduct a process benchmarking survey to show you how you stack up to your peers. This service provides key insight to your strengths and weaknesses as well as guidance to set specific targets for driving continuous improvement and the ability to monitor your progress in achieving those targets.

Implementation Recovery Guidance

Is your current process or system plagued with frequent delays, inaccurate data and unneeded complexity? We can help. We have spent years assisting clients take their troubled implementations and turning them back in the right direction. From frequent system crashes or poor system response times to confusing and overly complex business processes. Our solution experts can assess your current environment and make recommendations to achieve excellence. We provide best practice guidance and can even help provide essential training to your process participants to get the most out of your investment.

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